7 Ways To Find Winning Ideas For Your Next Website Right Now

Find Ideas For Your Next Website

So you’re thinking about starting a new project. Perhaps an amazon associate site? Maybe a niche site? Or perhaps even a big authority site?

But you’re missing that golden idea. That one reason to create a website that’s so good you’re going to turn it into a well-oiled money making machine.

Well, I’ll be really honest with you. It’s not the idea that counts it’s what you do with it. You could have the best idea in the world but if you don’t act on it right away, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s worthless.

Now you probably know that. You’ve heard it a million times in a countless different ways. You just want the RIGHT idea to act on. Nobody wants to spend time or money on something that mediocre. I 100% understand that but just keep that in mind. You’re better of embracing a mediocre idea and doing something about it than waiting for the perfect idea.

That all being said, here’s how to make coming up with new ideas a walk in the park.

Make It A Habit To Come Up With Ideas

This is a point stolen from a life-changing blog post but I’ll do my best to TL;DR; it.

Your brain is a muscle. Just like any other muscle – it gets weaker if you don’t use it. Since you need to use your brain to come up with ideas, your brain needs to be in shape in order for it to do what you’re asking it to (which is kinda funny when you think about it – your brain is asking itself to come up with something). In order to keep it in shape, you need to do stuff with it.

Read, play games, solve puzzles or best of all… come up with ideas.

It makes sense right? You want your brain to come up with ideas so you get in the habit of coming up with ideas at random times of day. By doing so, coming up with ideas will become second nature. You should definitely read that blog post to really “get it” but if not, just try to come up with 10 ideas right now.

Seriously, stop reading this, get a pen and paper (or open notepad) and just come up with 10 ideas you could start a website around. They don’t have to be perfect ideas. They don’t even have to be good ideas. In fact, chances are that 9/10 ideas will be bad. Nobody will judge you, nobody will laugh at you nobody will tell you “hey, that’s stupid”. Just, for yourself, write down 10 ideas.

Read More

Reading is great. Books, blog posts, heck even reddit. Start reading words other people have written. Get exposed to new ideas and let them cook in your head. Sooner or later you spit out something useful (that’s the lazy man’s approach).

Instead, try thinking about what you’re reading. Say you’re reading a blog post. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the blog post about?
  • What problems does the author mention in there?
  • What kind of solutions does he present?

You write those 3 down and you already have some material for a project. Repeat this process with a couple more posts, put all your answers to the same place and start reading it. In between those answers there’s couple great ideas, guaranteed.


Here’s our first tool of the list. BuzzSumo is a great free / paid tool for doing all kinds of content research, outreach and many other things. But it’s also a great tool for coming up with project ideas (you don’t even need an account for it)

Go to Buzzsumo.com, open “Content Research” then “Trending Now”.

Voila, you a list of very popular posts. Posts that you could probably build a niche site around.

So read the list of articles and see if you get any ideas for a project from that. (Warning, this requires you to use your brain)

Take A Walk

This is one of my favorites (tho I personally use it for coming up ideas for blog posts).

Get out of your house and walk around. Take in the world around you and be open to ideas. This isn’t some new age crap, it actually works.

Let your mind wonder and be mindful of your surroundings. You’ll be amazed at what your mind think of while doing this. Especially after you get in the habit of doing this. And you can literaly do it anytime you’re out walking in the street.

Tap In A Massive List Of Ideas (NicheKeywordList)

If you want a made-for-you list of ideas. Something that you can use to pull out a great project idea on demand, you should take a look at our NicheKeywordList.

It’s a massive database of over 1.3 million keywords split into different 1846 niches. In there you will find ideas for massive authority sites as well as laser-targeted niche sites.

Niche Keyword List

Write Down 3 Things You Like

This is one of the best ways to ensure the idea you end up doing is something you care about.

So write down 3 things you like. Maybe it’s reading fantasy books, maybe it’s windsurfing, maybe it’s cooking, whatever it is write it down (but don’t be too specific, leave that for the part that follows).

Once you have those, try expanding each of those 3 things.

  • What things do you like about this thing specifically?
  • How knowledgeable would you consider yourself to be when it comes to this thing?
  • Would you feel comfortable talking to other people about this thing?

After reviewing what you wrote, you will find at least 1 niche you can start a website about. Congratulations! Now all you need to decide is what kind of website it’s going to be.

  • Blog
  • Ecommerce site
  • Video / image sharing site

Write Down 3 Things You Don’t Like

This is almost as good as the previous method. But this time you’re writing down problems that need solving. Problems that many other people might have as well. Just writing down 3 things should give you at least 1 solid idea for a niche project.


What you probably didn’t expect is that most of the things mentioned here involve you to stop using your computer and spend some time in the real world. We often get so involved in our work that we forget to experience the rest of life. Staying on the computer for too long not only hinders your well-being but it also prevents you from coming up with ideas.

So if there’s 1 thing you should take out of all this is the following:

If you have problem coming up with ideas, take a break from work and do something low-tech. Your brain will reward you with ideas because you stopped forcing it to produce them.