15 Amazon Affiliate Case Studies That Made $689,257

15 Amazon Affiliate Case Studies

Amazon is the #1 online retailer and with a good reason: these days you can buy just about anything on Amazon – from toilet paper to refrigerators. On top of that, they’ve spent millions across a number of years optimizing the shopping experience. They’ve really nailed this part and you can expect great conversion rates no matter…

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What Is The Best Keyword Planner Alternative in 2016?

What Is The Best Keyword Planner Alternative

Well it finally happened. Google has decided to turn the tool (one that was never intended to be used for SEO purposes) much less useful for SEO folks. I mean really this was long due coming. It’s a tool for PPC. And as it becomes harder to do SEO, Google makes more money from AdWords. It’s…

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7 Ways To Find Winning Ideas For Your Next Website Right Now

Find Ideas For Your Next Website

So you’re thinking about starting a new project. Perhaps an amazon associate site? Maybe a niche site? Or perhaps even a big authority site? But you’re missing that golden idea. That one reason to create a website that’s so good you’re going to turn it into a well-oiled money making machine. Well, I’ll be really honest…

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How To Find Loads of Easy Profitable Keywords

How To Find Easy Profitable Keywords

Have you ever wanted to start a new website but couldn’t come up with an interesting, unique niche? Or you have a great idea but can’t find any low-competition keywords even if your life depends on it? Keyword research is one of the most important parts of starting a website, it’s a part that determines…

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