15 Amazon Affiliate Case Studies That Made $689,257

15 Amazon Affiliate Case Studies

Amazon is the #1 online retailer and with a good reason: these days you can buy just about anything on Amazon – from toilet paper to refrigerators.

On top of that, they’ve spent millions across a number of years optimizing the shopping experience. They’ve really nailed this part and you can expect great conversion rates no matter what you’re selling.

These 2 facts make it an ideal affiliate program, especially if you’re just starting out. Just make sure you follow their guidelines…

If you’re thinking about starting an amazon affiliate site or if you’re already building one, here’s some reading that’s invaluable. Amazon affiliate case studies from 12 experts for people just like you who are in various stages of their amazon journey.

Here they are in no particular order

1. Niche Site Project 3.0

  • Revenue: $168

  • Status: ONGOING

Spencer Haws 100x100NichePursuits is a brainchild of Spencer Haws, the man (who used to be) behind Long Tail Pro.

On his blog, he shares his experience in creating niche websites, buying and selling sites and his most recent endeavour, selling physical products through Amazon FBA.

Among a variety of useful posts is the case study – Niche Site Project 3.0.

In it, Spencer and his 2 colleagues each have a student and together they go through the entire process of building amazon affiliate websites.

Don’t be fooled by their relatively low earnings tho – they’re only getting started and this is one of the best documented case studies with each step of the process being explained in detail.

You also get both the prespective of somebody who is completely new to this (the student) and an expert (Spencer and his colleagues).

All in all, this is a few solid hours (if not days) of reading material.

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2. HumanProofDesigns.com

  • Revenue: $35,500

  • Status: SOLD

me2HumanProofDesigns is a website by Dom Wells for 2 kinds of people. Those that are building their own affiliate projects and those who are looking to buy a ready-to-go niche sites.

He recently posted a case study about a website he grew between 2013 and 2015 making him around $10,000 in commission in 2015 alone. Shortly after, the site was sold for over $25,000.

The case study is made out of 8 posts covering each phase in life of the website from choosing the niche to the process of selling the website.

It shows that he knows what he’s talking about and it’s a a MUST read for anyone doing or thinking about doing an amazon affiliate site.

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3. CloudLiving.com

  • Revenue: $29,606

  • Status: Ongoing

Tung TranCloudLiving is a project by Tung Trun where he shares the lessons he learned on his path to becoming financially independant (which he managed to do by the age of 20!).

In August 2015, he started his $10,000 challenge. The journey to building a website from zero with a goal of making $10k / month.

While he still hasn’t reached his goal, the site has already made almost $28,862 in 2016 alone and as of last month, he’s more than half way there.

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4. NicheUp.com

  • Revenue: $22,683

  • Status: Ongoing

Kent Chow 100x100NicheUp is made by Kent Chow, a regular guy doing affiliate marketing as a side income.

Among other things, he publishes his amazon earnings from other projects which total to $22,683 in 2016 .

In there, he also shares valuable tips he learned from doing this since 2014.

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5. IncomeAddon.com

  • Revenue: $480,000

  • Status: Ongoing

Brent Hale 100x100IncomeAddon is a blog made by a down to earth guy called Brent Hale with the goal of helping people make money online.

While not a case study per se, it’s a mega post about his experience as an amazon associate. And considering he earned (by doing some napkin math) around $480,000 in commission, you should definitely hear what he has to say.

In there he talks about the importance of writing long authoritative pieces, how “best of” posts are more profitable than reviews and so much more.

On top of that, he publishes monthly income reports for his amazon websites in which there are even more golden nuggets of information.

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6. PajamaAffiliates.com

  • Revenue: $45,833

  • Status: Ongoing

Lesley 100x100PajamaAffiliates is a 2-man (or better said, 2-woman) project between Carolina Robin and Lesley where they teach you how to achieve the dream of doing blogging full-time from your home, all while wearing your pajamas!

Lesley used to post her earnings and thoughts about running amazon affiliate sites on her other blog, thelesleyshow.com, but from now on decided to stick to pajamaaffiliates because running 2 personal blogs is a lot of work for anyone.

Her latest income report shows she made over $8,000 last months. Way to go!

The numbers required some digging but by going through her old amazon income reports, I found out she made over $45,000 in 2016 alone! You should definitely follow her journey as it’s a great source of motivation for your project.

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7. PassionIntoPaychecks.com

  • Revenue: $4,338

  • Status: Ongoing

Josh Shogren 100x100PassionIntoPaychecks is a project by Josh Shogren, a 21 year old, who is “kid” only by age considering he dabbles in website flipping, selling products from China on Amazon and investing in websites.

While his case study isn’t one about amazon’s affiliate program but rather about his amazon FBA program, it’s certainly really interesting to follow as he shares every detail, nuance and headache when it comes to running a FBA business.

He hasn’t made a fortune and was thinking about selling the website but it’s still really worth checking out, even if you have no plans of doing a FBA project.

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8. NichePie.com

  • Revenue: $4,925

  • Status: Ongoing

Luqman Khan 100x100NichePie is a completely new project by Luqman Khan.

His first post is how he made an amazon website which made him $4,925 in just 4 months. That’s pretty impressive for a brand new site with a domain purchased at the end of march, 2016.

While it’s not really a case study, he did share his website’s URL so you can go look at his website right now! Not many people are willing to share that info so pros for that.

On top of that, it’s a monster post covering everything you should now about the way he built and promoted the website so it’s a quality read, no doubt.

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9. RussLobo.com

  • Revenue: ???

  • Status: Ongoing

Russell Lobo 100x100RussLobo is a personal blog by Russell Lobo where he shares his experiences building Adsense and Amazon affiliate sites.

The amazon case study features a site that was created in June 2016 so there’s still no reported earnings.

He did manage to write over 100,000 words of content in the first month so it’s definitely on a good path.

It’s a great glimpse in the early phase of an affiliate site and something you should start following now and see where it goes (especially if you’re just starting or have started recently an amazon affiliate site yourself).

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10. ItsVicky.com

  • Revenue: $4,441

  • Status: Ongoing

Vicky 100x100ItsVicky is a personal blog by Vicky, a stay at home mom who shares all kinds of useful stuff including a really transparent case study on her amazon site.

She started the site 18 months ago and you can follow the entire journey from start to…well…now, on her website. The site has made almost $1,000 last month and showed steady growth every month.

If you like to do your sites slow but steady, this is the case study for you. And even if you don’t there’s 18 months worth of useful information, experiences and thoughts in this case study.

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11. SkipBlast.com

  • Revenue: $857

  • Status: Ongoing

Shwana 100x100SkipBlast is a project by Shwana, a person who wears all kinds of hats – from freelance writing to coaching, and runs a no-bs blog, sharing all of her experiences while working online.

She recently started a new niche site with a goal of making reaching $500 / month and then selling to the highest bidder. Somewhere in the process she also started another site with the same goal and now you can follow the progress of both sites on her blog.

Both of the sites are being built casually to show that’s it’s possible to build a site like this in the off-hours while having a regular job.

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12. CloudIncome.com

  • Revenue: $10,080

  • Status: FINISHED

Lewis Ogden 100x100CloudIncome is a blog created by Lewis Ogden, owner of many websites and a firm believer in passive income.

His blog is probably best known for his case studies, the latest one ending 3 months ago, right when the website had it’s 1. birthday and broke the $2,000 / month mark.

While not all income is a result of promoting amazon’s products, it’s still a worthy addition as Lewis shares all manner of juicy details about his site.

The case study is officially over but he stated his goal was to bring it to 10x more income and then sell.

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13. TechTage.com

  • Revenue: $50,645

  • Status: FINISHED

Rohit Palit 100x100TechTage is a blog by Rohit Palit, a former guest blogger on Ahrefs, SearchEngineJournal, AdvancedWebRanking, etc. He talks about SEO, web hosting and internet marketing in general.

While not really a case study, Rohit recently posted a massive 12,000 word long guide that covers every little detail about building an Amazon affiliate site.

Supposedly, he made over $50,000 from Amazon in last month alone which would definitely make him qualified. It really is a worthy I read so make sure to check it out.

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14. BuyBulkHosting.com

  • Revenue: $83

  • Status: Ongoing

Kevin Grahm 100x100BuyBulkHosting is a website by Kevin Grahm which, besides running a case study, sales PBN-type hosting.

Interestingly, he’s running a case study with a website made from the team over at HumanProofDesigns.com and tries to keep it as passive as possible. Here’s his latest update.

While the website itself hasn’t made any spectacular amounts, the case study is still going and it’s starting to pick up a bit last month.

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15. CommonStupidMan.com

  • Revenue: $98

  • Status: Ongoing

Shahnawaz Sadique 100x100CommonStupidMan is a blog by Shahnawaz Sadique.

3 months ago, he started his own case study.

It’s still early in the journey so there aren’t any massive earnings still but it’s a great one to subscribe to and follow.

Later if / when it becomes more successful you can be the hispter among your friends and be like “yeah, I’ve been following that before it was cool“.

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There you have it, 11 people who are successfully running amazon affiliate sites and are prepared to share even the tiniest detail of their journey.

If you were ever thinking that building an affiliate site doesn’t work, I hope this these people prove you wrong. Now you have one less excuse to start your own site.

If you’re running an amazon case study yourself or if you know someone who is, let me know so I can include them here.


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