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Discover New Keywords

Whether you're scraping urls, researching a potential niche or looking for long tail keywords you can easily rank for, you're going to find it much easier when you have a HUGE resource of new ideas at your disposal.

Discover new Niches

Maybe you're looking for niche ideas for your next project. Or maybe you're interested in finding new niches related to your existing project. Either way, our list gives you endless possibilities.

Here's What You Will Find In The List

  • Appereal

    Niches: 93 | Keywords: 113,376

  • Arts & Entertainment

    Niches: 26 | Keywords: 19,478

  • Beauty and Personal Care

    Niches: 72 | Keywords: 52,968

  • Business

    Niches: 150 | Keywords: 107,151

  • Community

    Niches: 41 | Keywords: 25,025

  • Computers and Consumer Electronics

    Niches: 106 | Keywords: 68,137

  • Dating

    Niches: 8 | Keywords: 5,617

  • Dining & Nightlife

    Niches: 9 | Keywords: 5,771

  • Family

    Niches: 56 | Keywords: 37,860

  • Finance

    Niches: 100 | Keywords: 64,232

  • Food and Drinks

    Niches: 88 | Keywords: 52,663

  • Gifts and Occasions

    Niches: 44 | Keywords: 31,757

  • Health

    Niches: 242 | Keywords: 158,484

  • Hobbies and Leisure

    Niches: 109 | Keywords: 79,548

  • Home and Garden

    Niches: 121 | Keywords: 83,156

  • Industrial and Farming

    Niches: 158 | Keywords: 114,857

  • Internet and Telecom

    Niches: 24 | Keywords: 16,570

  • Internet Marketing

    Niches: 12 | Keywords: 15,303

  • Jobs and Education

    Niches: 72 | Keywords: 47,380

  • Legal

    Niches: 46 | Keywords: 28,784

  • Real Estate

    Niches: 33 | Keywords: 24,107

  • Retailers and General Merchandise

    Niches: 5 | Keywords: 3,989

  • Sports and Fitness

    Niches: 92 | Keywords: 58,429

  • Travel and Tourism

    Niches: 57 | Keywords: 36,316

  • Vehicles

    Niches: 82 | Keywords: 58,761

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Review time: if you're like me, you're ridiculously busy. So the kind of stuff I buy these days usually has some time-saving benefit to it.

Putting up a new site and/or ranking sites is no problem, but the time killer is always finding new ways to pivot on existing products/services for me or my clients.

Not only is this MEGA list of keywords a goldmine for finding new niches, but in 10 min, I had 3-4 new ideas for positioning one of my existing businesses to a new market. So yes, this list is an awesome way to come up with new keywords to target, but if you poke around a bit, you'll see ways to expand.

I may be alone here, but while I love having online businesses, I also want to balance it out with more offline businesses, and there are a ton of ideas here if you look at it the right way. What I'm going to do this weekend is comb through some of the terms with clients in mind...imagine what will happen when I help them pivot their business...added value = upselling services and increased retention.

Definitely recommending this time-saving and idea-generating resource!

christianbed blackhatworld.com

The keywords are well sorted into broad niches - you'll be able to find something that covers your niche. You can also drill down into sub niches for more relevancy, or to get ideas for other areas to venture into. Each sub-niche list contains a decent amount of keywords (hundreds to thousands).

You also receive a scraping guide that gives step by step instructions on how to scrape millions of urls without killing your proxies - decent for those with limited resources.

If you're just getting started in the scraping game, this is a great launchpad. The keyword lists could also be useful for the more experienced scraper, providing niche ideas and additional keywords to scrape with.

cherub forum.gsa-online.de

I got a free review copy from OP, so here is my review.

This Contains a huge keywords list (many keywords). I can't believe this is an awesome list and well structured. These are really useful keywords to use for me especially brainstorming ideas and keyword research.

Currently, I am in sports & fitness niche (amazon), found several good keywords which I didn't found earlier. It is unlikely for me to scrape these keywords myself. Thanks to Hinkys.

Some reviewers already said it. I agreed with other reviews above.
Very Recommended to buy for a good price! You can't go wrong with this.

wpbacklinks blackhatworld.com

Meet The Ultimate Keyword List

  • Over 1.3 Million Keywords

    If there’s a market for it, we have the keywords.

  • Quality Keywords

    These are all relevant and unique keywords that people actually type in Google.

  • Works With Any Tool

    Scrapebox, GSA SER, GScraper to name a few. Just import the .txt and hit “Start”.

  • Includes Every Niche On The Planet

    From “Weight Loss” to “African Music”, it’s all here.

  • Properly Encoded

    All files are UTF-8 encoded ensuring maximum compatibility with all SEO tools.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    If you don’t like it, tell us why within 30 days and get 100% of your money back.


Anyone looking to scrape Niche relevant target lists, this keyword list should have you covered. It also comes with easy to understand instructions that will help anyone to learn good techniques for scraping and using the keyword lists included with the product.

Overall, i'd give this product a 10/10.

With a little tweaking on the users side, it will be very easy to also expand on these niche keywords to find even more related ones.

Might even give you some idea about other niches that you may not have thought of before.

Trevor_Bandura, forum.gsa-online.de

Huge vouch for this guy.

I haven't used the keywords. But i have used the scrapebox tutorial to scrape links, which in my guess is a product in itself. By using this method of scraping one can even start his/her own BST on BHW and start selling links. Also included are footprints to scrape which is a added bonus.

Have been using it since the day i got my review copy and let me tell you every money you spent buying this is an investment.

Rate :- 8/10

Thank you

NawtyBoy, blackhatworld.com

Scrape Quality Link Opportunities In Your Niche

Find Links That Nobody Else Has

Everyone is using the same url lists over and over again. You need something different to properly rank. This list allows you to easily load keywords from any niche into your favorite scraper and find niche-related links that aren't spammed to death. Links that actually work!

Transform Into A Power-Scraper

There are million urls from each niche at your fingertips. Not only do you get list of keywords that you never need to update, but we also show you how to reliably scrape with ease and lightning speed.

Have An Infinite Supply Of Link Opportunities

When testing the effectiveness of scraping using keywords from a random niche, we discovered about 11 million unique domains without trying too hard. While you can certainly run these kinds of lists through a tool such as GSA SER, you can think beyond that. You could extract quality blogs from that list and send a mass email offering a guest post. Or maybe you could extract their external links looking for expired domains to use in your PBN? Domains which already contain valuable niche related links. The possibilities are endless.

I must say, I no longer need to scrape keywords myself, for all my scraping for expired 2.0s, domains, niches etc. This keywords will do!

Also, there is pdf included how to properly scrape, I mostly knew stuff but there were few new things that will help me for sure!

Overall great product, worth the price if you are into scraping!

Tove blackhatworld.com

I received a free copy and here's my feedback;

This is a HUGE list to work from, giving niches and topics to work from.
Once you decide your niche, you can use your own methods to search out further long tails and sub categories.

Really helpful guide as to how to scrape, which is informative. This could be a stand alone guide, as it is well presented and very useful.

There aren't search volumes, competition or CPC, but this is easily discovered by using your favourite keyword tool(s).

For the price this is a steal, you'll never be stuck for ideas for niches or keywords from now on.

MisterF blackhatworld.com

First of all, thanks to Hinkys for the free review copy. My main project right now is a broad authority site that can hit any niche I think is profitable. Of course, while my brain, competitor research, and some tools can all together unearth some nice KWs, this list covers all the bases so I don't have to. And since it's organized intelligently by niche, I can pick one and start browsing through. Obviously I haven't checked ALL the keywords in this package, but no matter where I looked, I kept running into gems that might have otherwise slipped by. This can be great for building up your own site, finding linkbuilding opportunities, or for setting up ad campaigns. Great stuff at a very affordable price. Best of luck with sales, Hinksys!

neverquitting blackhatworld.com

Bonus Guides That Will Turn You Into a Genius

Bonus Guide #1: Scraping Mastery

How To Scrape Over 1500 url's/s On a Low-End VPS...

  • Learn How To Setup Scrapebox Properly
  • Boost Your Scraping Speed By 100x
  • 2 Scrapebox Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind
  • Scrape 24/7 Without Having To Babysit Scrapebox
Download Scraping MasteryBonus Guide Included With NicheKeywordList

Bonus Guide #2: Keyword Research Mastery

How To Shit Easy Profitable Keywords On Demand...

  • The Repeatable Process To Find Easy Keywords
  • Only Takes A Couple Of Minutes
  • Works In ANY Niche
Download Keyword Research MasteryBonus Guide Included With NicheKeywordList

Bonus #3: Footprints

Footprints for 50+ different platforms...

A list of footprints, organized into different files by engines / platforms such as Articles, Blog Comments, Wikis, etc. You can merge them with any number of keywords to instantly get started with scraping.

Bonus #4: Catchall Emails

Reliable Catchalls That Will Make You Forget About Disposable Emails...

By purchasing the list, you also get a free Silver catchall email package from SEOSpartans. If you're using GSA SER, they will make your life a lot easier by having one less thing to worry about.

Got a review copy so here is my opinion - for this price you can't go wrong. If you're into niche marketing (PPC, building and ranking websites, selling keywords) this will provide you with some nice ideas. Lack of search volume and CPC is not a problem as keyword planner allows you to get this data for hundreds of keyword with a single search (you can even write a simple Selenium bot if you want to go through all the categories).

mazak85, blackhatworld.com

I got free review copy of thousand's of well structured and impressive keywords, these keywords are very useful for Scrapping, I m using these keywords from last weekend, I also got a scrapping guide which is very helpful.

100% recommended

bagir14, blackhatworld.com

Purchased !

The "how to Scrape properly" guide was very helpful, I'm looking forward to applying this information in my future scrape.
The keyword list is huge, and of very good quality. With a bit of brain you can go very far with this list, and it will save you hours of thinking.

Also you can combine keywords and expand the list even further. Another satisfied customer, would recommend this service 100% !

yherrliche, blachatworld.com

Disclaimer : Got a free review copy for my honest review:

Haven't used your scraping software in quite some time? Well the op does not only deliver the keywords but an explanation of how to proper;y scrape using all the supplied keywords, so you can get started right away.

Overall nicely categorized lists by niche as promised. If you are looking to do your own scraping , niche specific then this is totally for you. Imagining how long it would take to categorize for just 1 niche it would take you so much longer than the $27 charged here.

10/10 for bang for your buck.

neu009, blackhatworld.com

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% risk-free. If you’re not happy with the list, just tell us why within 30 days and we will give you 100% of your money back.

Click Here To Get NicheKeywordList for $37 >>Start Exploring in Less Than 60 Seconds

Please Note:
I had received a free review copy from OP in exchange for a written feedback, so this is it:


My Feedback on the review package I received from OP:
I simply want to say that the review package I received is "AMAZING and extremely powerful", in the sense that OP has covered keywords from many top niches and he gives lots and lots of quality keywords in every niche. There are even many sub-niches which has carefully chosen keywords in those sub-niches. Everything is nicely grouped in categories, and it is easy to find the niches, and the keywords that are included in them.

I am presently working on a Amazon aff website, and I had spent countless hours in find low comp high volume keywords in the niche/sub-niches I am working on. So I checked those sub-niche kws provided by OP, and I was pleasantly surprised to find many new quality keywords which had skipped my earlier work done using LTP! I checked many of those new keywords (which were not on my earlier self-researched KW list) and many among them were really low comp high volume keywords which will now make my own research much richer! In that sense, I have already gained from this package in actually the first hour or less time of receiving it!

Regarding the footprints included in the package:
There are 7 main groups of footprints, and they (each group) has extremely large numbers of quality footprints included in them!

OP has put in a marvelous work for anyone who needs to do proper research on keywords. Afte reading about them, I am using some of the footprints in my Scrapebox, and am finding a lot of good and related sites to get some good back-links for my upcoming affiliate site.

All in All:
A really very high quality compilation of some of the very high-quality, and very useful KWs and SEO-related (ideal for getting quality backlinks) stuff that I can use in my KW and SEO research and implementation. I know that this package will be useful to me again and again in my ongoing work on my and other clients' websites. So this package will definitely occupy a prominent space on my HDD, a space where all my reference guides and sw are placed for easy finding and when required! The package simply demands that kind of respect imo.

Because of the greatly useful content of this package, which includes numerous keywords grouped in carefully selected categories and its niches and sub-niches, and the numbers are simply overwhelming, I think that you simply need to see it for yourself to understand how high quality the entire work is! There are real gem of keywords and phrases in most of those files!

I haven't even gone through all those files yet, and I am already impressed!

As I am slogging in my own KWs and SEO related ongoing work preparing my Amazon related site, this review package has come to me at a right time, and it will definitely help me. So "Thank you very much" to OP!

To those who are still learning about scraping and such tools, a step by step type of guide on scraping will definitely help you imo.

My opinion:
5-Star value, and recommended 100% .

God bless, Regards!

I find this package this much useful, and so thanks a lot to the OP for providing me with his great compilation, and allowing me to check its utility value for his potential customers.

To them (the potential customers), I can only say that I have found this package is of amazingly high quality, and a lot more worthy for the money they will use to buy it! I recommend this 100%, and would like to say that this is a 5-Star positive package and I wish OP every success in this venture!

Srb888 blackhatworld.com

I got Free Review copy from OP two days back but due to the weekend, I was not able to check it earlier.

It is a list of keywords in the different niches and believe me it will take weeks to check all keywords, however, I checked some of them for the amazon site and within 15 minutes I was able to find a keyword with 27000 monthly searches and low to medium competition. Keywords are divided in the different category folders.

If you are struggling to find a niche then this product can help you as you will be flooded with the list keywords when you unzip the folder. Its a unique service on BHW and personally I was looking for service like this from last few weeks.

It's affordable and will be helpful for the longer term.

WebTG blackhatworld.com

Please note, I received a free review copy.

Some months ago I was really interested in buying a big Kw list, for Kw research purpose, and all I could find was in the range of $XXX, so, when I read his description of the product, I really expected to see something around that price too. I was really surprised when I saw that we could get these for a much lower price.

In addition to the great number of Kw covered here, the Kw are also sorted, and that makes your life soo much easier!

To be honest I am impressed with the quality of this product for the price it has. If you want to scrape these Kw by yourself it would take you a pretty long time, but also if you expect to get a list full of low comp Kw, you are pretty wrong. I don't say there are not HQ quality kw in there to target, actually you can get some ideas of products, etc from this list, but If you plan to buy this to find low comp Kw, I tell you that it will be useful, but you need to put some hard work together with this list to find your gems.

Overall, good product for the price it has.

BlackBDO blackhatworld.com

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow Many Keywords / Niches Are Included?

    The list contains just over 1.3 million keywords in a total of 1849 niches. Each niche is organized under a category (which there are 24 in total) such as “Apparel”, “Computers”, “Business”, etc.

  • q-iconWhat Exactly Do I Get by Purchasing The List?

    You get all 1.3 million keywords, a list of footprints for different platforms / engines, a guide on how to scrape properly and a coupon for a free catchall package.

  • q-iconAre There Any Recurring Fees?

    Absolutely not! There is only a one-time payment when creating an account. After logging in to the account you can access to the download link for the list. Also, the account features lifetime worth of updates to the list, meaning whenever the list is updated, you will be able to log-in and redownload the updated list.

  • q-iconWhat Can I Use This List For?

    For all kinds of things! The most common use would be to use it with scraping tools in order to generate niche-related url lists which can then be used in automated tools such as GSA SER or for general SEO related purpose. You can also explore the list in order to find new ideas for niches or to find long-tail keywords for your existing projects.

  • q-iconHow Is The List Encoded?

    All files are encoded in UTF-8.

  • q-iconDo You Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

    Yes! If you’re not happy with your purchase within 30 days, just send us an short email explaining why you’re not happy and we will refund you 100% of your money.

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